U10 Campeones

Spring Season Updates - Key Dates

Practices are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM on the big field at English High School. The first practice is on Tuesday, April 11 and the last practice is on Thursday, June 8.

Sunday games are also at English High School beginning at 12:30 PM. The first game is Sunday, April 16 and the last game is Sunday, June 11. No games on Sunday, May 28 because of the Memorial Day holiday.

Campeones Program Overview 

The JPYS Campeones League is an "in-house" league for players in the 3rd and 4th grades.  All practices and games take place in JP.  All 3rd graders in JPYS participate in Campeones; 4th graders have the option to participate in Campeones or play on a Travel Team. 4th graders should play Travel if they are looking for a more competitive game experience and the opportunity to play teams from other towns around Greater Boston. 4th graders should play in the Campeones League if they prefer a less competitive game experience where they will not have to travel outside of JP for matches.

The Campeones League promotes technical skill development, a better understanding of the game of soccer, and a healthy competitive atmosphere under the supervision of professional and volunteer coaches, with activities that are geared toward the skill and experience of the player. The Campeones League provides a transition between the Academy and the Travel teams for our players and coaches, and provides on-field training and experience for our new referees. 

Campeones practices are conducted similarly to the U8 Academy, concentrating on individual technical development, and begin to introduce more advanced skills and concepts.  Practices are normally twice a week from 6:15-7:30pm at English High School, with games on Sunday afternoons.  Campeones games are more structured to look like a "real" soccer game; teams normally play 7v7 games on a smaller field, with some rules modified to better work for players at this level of development (no heading, no offside rule, and certain restrictions on goal kicks and goalkeeper play). Campeones is a mixed-gender program.





We Need Volunteers!

The success of any JPYS program comes from our coach volunteers. For the U10 Campeones, we are looking for as many parent volunteer coaches as possible. If you don’t have experience coaching youth soccer, don’t worry. We will provide you with training and we will have professionally trained coaches each practice night of the week. It’s a true collaborative experience. Volunteer coaching is a great way to give back to the community as well as have tons of fun with the kids on the field as you help them become better players and teammates.

If you’re interested in coaching, or even if you just have questions about coaching, please complete this short form at https://forms.gle/sTGGTQUGL7BvPsdN8. Without coaches, we can’t have a season. We need your help!