Code of Conduct

JP Youth Soccer strives to provide a safe and positive environment while developing passionate and skilled soccer players. The success of JPYS depends upon the collective efforts, sportsmanship and cooperation of ALL participants. To that end, we ask that all players, coaches and families review and follow the JPYS Code of Conduct, the Zero Tolerance Policy regarding disrespect toward referees and officials, and the Guidelines for Encouraging Players during Games.

JPYS Code of Conduct

Zero Tolerance Policy regarding Disrespect toward Officials

Refereeing is a tough job, and if we want to keep good referees in our program, we need to train and encourage them along with the players and coaches. JPYS is committed to making sure that referees are supported and respected during match play. Our travel teams must abide by the BAYS League's "Zero Tolerance Policy". We expect the same  from all of our coaches, players, and families, whether they are on a travel team, Campeones team, or in any other part of the program. This means:

Just remember that we're all learning--players, coaches, and referees.  Mistakes will be made. It's not the end of the world.

Spectator Behavior Guidelines

Finally, and we know this is a tough one...

 There are many reasons we ask this, but most importantly:

In short, the games belong to the players. We should do our best to let the players have them. We recommend looking at The Sideline Project ( or the Positive Coaching Alliance ( for more ideas on how to support our players in a positive environment.

Massachusetts Youth Soccer Codes of Conduct

We also ask everyone to review and abide by the coordinating MYSA Codes of Conduct: