Transplanted Referees

You just moved to Massachussetts from another state - or country - and you want to get some games. Here's what you'll need to do.

You need to tell your home state's State Referee Administrator (SRA) that you want to referee in Massachusetts. Then, send an email to the Massachusetts SRA ( letting the Massachusetts State Referee Committee know of your arrival. If you want to get assessments to upgrade you will probably need to transfer your registration to this state. Your SRA will do that for you if you inform him/her of your desire to upgrade.

Then, send an email to with the following information included:

  1. Your age, if you are college aged or below. Otherwise, say you are an adult
  2. Your referee grade and years of experience
  3. When you will be able to start refereeing - are you here now, moving here next semester, etc. ...
  4. If you have a car or will you rely on public transit.
  5. Information about your referee career:
    1. What level of game and age group are you comfortable doing?
    2. Have you officiated at tournaments like State Cups or league championships?
    3. How many games have you been an AR?
  6. Information about your playing career:
    1. Are you still playing? If so, for whom?
    2. What was the highest level you played?

If you want to get into high end games right away, then have an assignor send me an email recommendation. Please ask for some detail in the recommendation. This is an actual, not at all helpful recommendation I received:

" is a very good soccer referee! You will be very impressed with his referee skills!"

Better is to have the assignor describe how reliable you are, how you are the go-to referee for tough matches, and to describe the level of game you do for that person.

Next, go to the BAYS web site and register as a referee. In the second step apply to the Jamaica Plain and Hill House clubs. If your 'resume' and recommendation are up to snuff I will forward it to the other youth and adult assignors I know.

It helps to have a car. If you don't, there are several fields that are reachable from the subway system, with a little walking at the end. Here is a map of some of the local youth soccer vfields: